Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Fosters Excellent Lifelong Dental Habits in Kids

The earlier your children learn to properly care for their teeth and gums, the less chance they have of developing preventable conditions such as cavities and periodontal disease.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry and Why Is It Important?

At Shawnee Dental, we are proud to be a children’s dentist, offering our services which are provided by a general dentist. This involves more than just knowing about caring for the mouth; it also involves being able to compassionately, and effectively work with kids. Remember that children do not have the same size teeth or jaws as adults, so they have to be treated differently to get proper care. Plus, some youngsters are reluctant to allow someone to work in their mouths; this means we sometimes have to get creative so they understand the team at Shawnee Dental is their friend!

If you have a child in Shawnee, OK, who has not yet been to the dentist, it is time to call (405) 275-4581 We will make the process a rewarding one, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your son or daughter is getting a head start on the appropriate ways to care for his or her teeth.

At Shawnee Dental, Dr. Brandon Loeser and Dr. Jennifer Koonce are licensed only as general dentists.

What Happens at a Pedodontics Visit

When your child comes to Shawnee Dental for pediatric dentistry services, he or she can expect the following:

Full Examination

We will conduct a full examination, which may include digital x-rays. Depending upon how comfortable your child is with the process, we may also do a dental cleaning at that time. However, if your youngster is fearful, we may suggest a follow-up appointment for the cleaning process.

Dental Education

We will educate your son or daughter on the importance of regular hygiene. We even have a special No Cavity Club that rewards kids for great dental behavior!

Personalized Treatment

We will discuss any problems we see with you. This may include a suggestion to add sealant to your child’s molars to reduce the risk of decay, or a recommendation to fill a cavity.

Give Your Child the Gift of Great Oral Health!

Three Myths About Pediatric Dentistry and Kid Patients

Myth #1: Since kid's baby teeth fall out, dental visits are not important until they get older.

Fact: Learning how to take care of teeth is important, even if the teeth are not going to be in your child’s mouth forever.

Myth #2: All kids hate the dentist.

Fact: As long as you present the dentist as a positive place to go, your child is more than likely to feel the same way. In fact, our littlest patients cannot wait to tell us what they have done since their last visit; they consider us family!

Myth #3: There is no difference between dentistry for adults and children.

Fact: There is a large difference in the way that treatments are dealt with and problems are solved. This is why you need to partner with a team that has extensive pediatric dentistry expertise.

Making a pediatric dentistry appointment at Shawnee Dental in Shawnee, OK, is easy! Just call us at (405) 275-4581 and we will add you to our schedule. We cannot wait to meet and serve your family!