Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry Is a Proven Method to a Wonderful Smile!

Without proper preventive treatments, you could be forced to deal with issues such as gum disease and caries (cavities).

What Is Preventive Dentistry and Why Is It So Important?

Preventive dentistry is the number one way to make sure that any mouth-related problems, including lesions, growths, or cells that could be an indication of oral cancer, are detected before they worsen. Each preventive dentistry appointment with Shawnee Dental will include a thorough checkup and cleaning, as well as discussion about any concerns you might have. You will love the compassionate, professional care you get from our dental team, as well as the comfortable surroundings—complete with televisions on the ceiling to help make the time pass even faster!

Call Shawnee Dental to start your preventive dentistry twice-yearly regimen: (405) 275-4581 .

Make Sure Oral Cancer Does Not Go Undetected

Oral cancer is a problem facing many Americans.

Each time you come to Shawnee Dental for preventive dentistry treatments, we will perform a noninvasive oral pathology exam. This exam helps us determine if there are any spots or areas that could be cancerous or pre-cancerous. Although we cannot diagnosis cancer, we are glad to be your partner in early detection.

Statistics courtesy of the American Cancer Society (Source link:

There are 46,000 new cases of oral cancer each year
8,600 People die yearly as a direct result of oral cancer

Get Your Children Involved in Preventive Dentistry With Pediatric Dental Appointments

We love working with our younger patients at Shawnee Dental! Research has shown that the earlier kids get accustomed to preventive dentistry appointments, the better their dental health is for life. It is never too soon to call (405) 275-4581 to get your child on our schedule.

Protect your teeth and gums from gum disease, cavities, and more! Make and keep preventive dental appointments at Shawnee Dental in Shawnee, OK. Call (405) 275-4581 and speak with us today.