Periodontal Care

The Right Periodontal Care Keeps Your Teeth and Gums Fit!

Periodontal care is a great way to help you keep your mouth as fit as the rest of you!

Have Periodontal Disease? Proper Periodontal Maintenance Is Key

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from the effects of gum disease? Are your gums constantly red and swollen? Do they bleed when you eat, brush, or floss? Is it impossible to get control of bad breath at the site of your irritated gums? Have the gums started to pull back from the teeth? These are all signs of periodontal disease and reasons to call Shawnee Dental in Shawnee, OK, today.

After you have been diagnosed by Dr. Jennifer Koonce or Dr. Brandon Loeser with gum disease, our whole team will help you set up a periodontal maintenance schedule. These appointments are outside of your regular dental checkup exams and will include deep cleaning procedures to stop the progression of your gum disease.

Periodontal disease is tough, but our methods of treatment are tougher! Call Shawnee Dental at(405) 275-4581 and take charge of your dental care!

You Can Love Your Teeth and Gums, Even If You Have Periodontal Disease!

Need a Dental Bone Graft? You Have Many Options at Shawnee Dental!

Hearing that you need a dental bone graft can cause anxiety at first. However, there are many advanced dentistry processes that we use at Shawnee Dental to make sure that your dental bone graft experience is as smooth as possible.

Many patients require dental bone grafts to help preserve or augment the gum ridge that is visible, especially after a tooth has been removed or lost. Dental bone grafts are also useful in those with reduced bone density who want to proceed with dental implant surgery. Most of the bone grafts we handle at Shawnee Dental are in the lower jaw; in select cases, we also handle sinus lifts, which are bone grafts in the upper jaw.

Free Your Healthy Gums From Damaged Gums

When you have periodontal disease, your gums will start to become damaged. A gingivectomy is one of the methods that works to remove damaged gums and enable the healthy gums to do what they are supposed to do – protect your teeth. Gingivectomies are virtually pain-free thanks to the advanced equipment we use at Shawnee Dental, so there is no need to fear this common procedure!

Patients who are candidates for gingivectomy treatment may also want to talk with our doctors about guided tissue regeneration, a method that helps us prepare the gingiva – or gum tissues – to heal themselves. If you are interested in learning more, please call our office in Shawnee, OK, at (405) 275-4581 for an appointment.

Scaling and Root Planing Can Eradicate Many Gum Disease Problems

Gum disease tends to ravage the gums and teeth, creating pockets between the soft and hard tissues where plaque and calculus can build up. To remove these hard substances, it may be necessary for you to undergo scaling and root planing. This procedure allows your dentist to completely eliminate any substances that should not be between your gums and teeth. When done correctly, and when you continue to take care of the site at home, you should see exceptional results.

As a side note, if you are a smoker, please consider embarking on a smoking cessation program as part of your periodontal maintenance and post-scaling and root planing plan. Smoking tends to aggravate periodontal disease, and it may reverse the advances scaling and root planing. Call (405) 275-4581 to schedule your time at our office!

Are you in need of periodontal care for you or a family member? Do you want to learn more about dental bone grafts, periodontal maintenance plans, and gingivectomies? Contact Shawnee Dental in Shawnee, OK, at (405) 275-4581.